Passing of a Chuluota friend

My heart is saddened to bring you this news of Stan’s passing. I will miss him so much. Think of him on this beautiful day as he moves on to his next journey, Stanley Stevens, of Chuluota, passed away Thursday, November 3rd, at age 95. For you who did not know his he work tirelessly to protect Chuluota from development. He was well-known to all in Seminole County government and to city officials for his unwavering involvement in Seminole County. He was a Chuluota activist striving to protect the rural lifestyle. He leaves behind his wife of 67 years. Services are private.


Florida Turpentine Industry: Friday Aug 21, 7 pm.

Florida Turpentine Industry: Friday Aug 21, 7 pm.

The Rural Heritage Center 101 East Main Street Geneva Fl. 32732

August 21, Friday – While hiking through the woods, have you ever wondered what those strange markings on older pine trees meant or what those strange pots you dug out in your yard were used for?

Mal and Mary Jo Martin of the Geneva Historical Society, will present a slide show and a display of some of the items used in the Turpentine Industry.

They will tell where some of the local turpentine stills were located and you will hear about how turpentine sap is taken from the trees, how it is distilled, and what are woods riders, cat faces, resin, rosin, hacks, chippers, dross. Also learn the everyday products that still use turpentine.

Don’t miss this informative and interesting event.


Sheriff Daily Crime Report

Daily Sheriff reports :


East Region:

The East Division Service Center is located at 1225 E. Broadway Street, Oviedo, FL 32765. The building is an 8,000 square foot facility located just east of Reed Road and west of Lockwood Road. This new facility can better accommodate the needs of the division’s deputies, supervisors, probation officers, field service officers, criminal investigators, code enforcement, office staff, citizens on patrol (COP’s), and more. Although deputy sheriffs are on duty at all times, our division office is not staffed the same. If you have an emergency, please call 9-1-1. If it is a non-emergency, please call 407.665.6650. Otherwise, you may visit us during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. The East Division Office number is 407.665.1750.



The Florida Wildlife Corridor

I would encourage you to either find this on cable or buy the video, as a conservation, elected official, county or city manager  planner, developer, builder  or Florida resident it will show the importance of this corridor to future generations. Thank you to all that produces this amazing lesson.

The Florida Wildlife Corridor aims to protect and restore connected landscapes throughout the Florida Peninsula to create a viable corridor from the Everglades to Georgia. The corridor addresses the fragmentation of natural landscapes and watersheds from the Everglades ecosystem north. Contributing to the fragmentation problem is the disconnect between the perceptions of Floridians, and the real need to keep natural systems connected. The Florida Wildlife Corridor is positioned to mend the perception gap through an education and awareness campaign that demonstrates the connection between the landscapes and watersheds. If we show Floridians the panthers, bears, native cultures, ranchlands and rivers and how they are all connected, then they can help us make the Florida Wildlife Corridor a reality. Generating Awareness

The centerpiece of this strategy is the Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition, which launched January 17, 2012, and traversed the Everglades ecosystem into Big Cypress, over to the Everglades Agricultural Area, back to the Okaloacoochee Slough, across the Caloosahatchee, over to Babcock Ranch, back along Fisheating Creek toward Lake Okeechobee, up the Kissimmee River with excursions toward the Lake Wales Ridge, up the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, east around Orlando into Ocala National Forest, and north along the O2O corridor (Ocala to Osceola) to Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. The trek covered over 1,000 miles in 100 days.  ( purchase video)


Thought you may enjoy this local Blog and Facebook

Beautiful pictures of why we need to protect our rural boundary, open space, preserved lands , both state and county . Keep is Rural!!

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Catch the Local Community Happenings in the area at



The Oviedo Farmer’s Market is open on the first Saturday of each month

The Oviedo Farmer’s Market is open on the first Saturday of each month at the Lawton House. The market opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 1 p.m. To be a vendor or to find out more information, please contact Lars White at or 407-971-5612.


SpayNSave offers affordable spay/neuter services

Over a million animals put down last year. We must neuter our pets!!!

SpayNSave  offers affordable spay/neuter services to the Central Florida community at large. 988 N. Ronald Reagan Blvd in Longwood and the number is 407-920-4894.

We have two wonderful vets on staff and have a brand-new, state of the art facility ready to serve the Central Florida area.  The more cats and dogs we can fix the less will wind up in shelters, many to be euthanized before they ever have a chance at life. SpayNSave at 407-920-4894 for appointments, traps, etc.  If they need assistance with trapping they can call 407-719-4479


You may have seen our signs at the stores and businesses around town.  We have traps to help catch the ferals and can assist those who need help.  The service is absolutely free and includes rabies and distemper vaccines as well.  We don’t remove the cats – just fix them and put them back where they were trapped and let whoever was feeding them carry on.


Meals on Wheels

If you know someone in need of this service please email us at


Sheriff Daily Report for East Region

Please click on the following link

Go to media

Go to the dates click on the date and go down the East Region to get a daily police log of what is happening in Chuluota.

There are lots of break in and cars being stolen, keep your guard up !!!