About Chuluota

Chuluota in East Seminole CountyChuluota is a census-designated place and an unincorporated area in Seminole County, Florida, United States.  The population was 1,921 at the 2000 census.

What’s so great about living in Chuluota?

So what’s so great about living in Chuluota? Why are many of us so passionate about keeping it rural? As many new families move out here, they learn why it’s so great, and they too want to protect it. For here we experience the sights and sounds and smells that make you understand what life is all about.

It’s the wonder of seeing such starry skies and looking for constellations on a dark night or when the moon is small. It’s the pure joy of watching a brand new pair of fawns skipping in your back yard in June, or the sight of six or seven upright white tails fleeing into the woods if you spook a herd of deer. And if you’ve been leaving dried corn for this herd, you learn that they can stare into your windows sometimes, waiting for their handouts. So you try not to disappoint them.

It’s the perfect timing of finding a pair of gopher tortoises bobbing their heads at each other or rutting near one of their holes. Are they fighting or mating, you wonder? Sometimes they are just protecting their territories. It’s the fun of watching these wonderful prehistoric creatures chomp on morsel after morsel of tasty grass, like little lawnmowers. Or you find a tiny baby tortoise, just two or three inches long, and wonder where its mama is. Always you wonder what else is living in their long, slanted tunnels. For these tortoises are generous and share their space with frogs, opossums, raccoons, bugs, or snakes. You hope you get to see a magnificent indigo snake that has come out into the sun, with its thick and shiny, blue-black skin.

bugIt’s also the surprise of looking up just in time to catch the rare sight of a bald eagle or to spot a pileated woodpecker – a really huge “Woody” banging on a tree. And often you hear the owls… By night, it’s their curious and mournful calls. By day, it might be the soft gurgling of one up in a tree as it plans its dinner—the ill-fated corn snake wriggling to get out of its claws. Or you might wake to the sweet sound of the bobwhites as they call back and forth in the hours before dawn. And always, there are the sandhill cranes. They fly in formation as they literally fill the air with their unmistakable, throaty calls.

It’s the smells too – of newly mown hay on one of the large cattle ranches or the pine needles warmed by the sun on a dirt road. Or it’s the fragrance of the bell-like blossoms on some of the native trees and shrubs – pretty magnets for some giant bees and wasps. In March, it’s the delicious aphrodisiac of the orange blossoms as you drive through the groves on Lake Mills Road. Thank goodness some families are building their homes in the middle of these groves and not destroying the trees..
It is the wonderful people who live in our diverse community who care enough to get involved to protect and preserve a lifestyle that is fast being destroyed in other areas. When you ask people why they chose Chuluota, they invariably say the lifestyle is so different with dark night skies, the slower pace, the quiet ,and the abundance of wildlife that you cannot see in other places. Deer, turkey, wild hogs, a large variety of birds even an occasional bear has been sighted.
Equestrian trails are common as there are hundreds of horses in the area.
It is a friendly community.


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