Florida Turpentine Industry: Friday Aug 21, 7 pm.

Florida Turpentine Industry: Friday Aug 21, 7 pm.

The Rural Heritage Center 101 East Main Street Geneva Fl. 32732

August 21, Friday – While hiking through the woods, have you ever wondered what those strange markings on older pine trees meant or what those strange pots you dug out in your yard were used for?

Mal and Mary Jo Martin of the Geneva Historical Society, will present a slide show and a display of some of the items used in the Turpentine Industry.

They will tell where some of the local turpentine stills were located and you will hear about how turpentine sap is taken from the trees, how it is distilled, and what are woods riders, cat faces, resin, rosin, hacks, chippers, dross. Also learn the everyday products that still use turpentine.

Don’t miss this informative and interesting event.


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