What is CCAI?

Chuluota Community Association, Inc.

(Please note our name changed as of our July  board meeting . No bi- laws where changed.)
In 1986 the grassroots effort of Chuluota citizens resulted in the creation of The Chuluota Community Association, Inc. The goal was to encourage citizen involvement in our community and protect the rural way of life. To be a the guardians for, growth ,development, water  and community issues.
The purpose of the CCAI is to provide education to the membership pertaining to:
County Issues effecting Chuluota as a community, from growth, roads, development, water and much more.
CCAI offers newsletters to members, this blog-web site and a newspaper column in The Seminole Chronicle . This keeps you informed on issues that effect your neighborhood, county and community.
Each member builds a stronger voice in our community and together we can make a difference.

Have a concern, have an issue, just want to catch up on Chuluota issues drop by daily for new postings.


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