Rain Barrels

A rain barrel collects and stores up to 55 gallons of rain water from your roof top. This water can later be used to water your garden, lawn or potted plants. The water normally would flow through your downspout and drain off of your property into the storm drains. This water can reduce your municipal or well water usage, save money, and decrease stormwater pollution.
A rain barrel is a food-grade barrel that has been altered for the collection and storage of rainwater for later use. Most rain barrel systems re-route water from gutters into the barrel and store it for non-potable use. The water collected can not be used for drinking water without suitable treatment, and is most commonly used for gardening and other outdoor watering.

Rain barrels are great for conserving water, reducing stormwater pollution and saving money. They are simple to make and can be decorated to enhance your garden areas and supply you with extra water for your potted plants, bed areas, and even some of your turf. Rain barrel water is not for human consumption.

Obtaining a food grade quality barrel can be difficult. Look in your local phonebook under barrels or containers. Once you have gotten your barrel be sure to wash it with soapy water, a little bleach, and a scrub brush especially if it was recycled.
There are several things you must consider when deciding where to locate your rain barrel. Not all of your down spouts (if you have gutter system) will provide you with the same amount of water. Try to determine the size of the area that is draining into the system.

Rain Barrel Workshops
Milch & Associates, Inc. can provide you and your group with an educational and fun experience constructing and decorating your very own rain barrel. We will provide and deliver all the needed materials to your selected location. You need at least 15 people. The workshop format consists of a short discussion about rainwater harvesting and future water supply issues in the Central Florida. Then we construct the barrels ($75.00 for barrel and supplies) and we can provide the materials to decorate your barrel. ($10.00 supply fee). The workshop can be as short as 1.5 hours without decorating and up to 3 hours with painting. Price may vary depending upon material pricing increases.
Call 407-682-7811 to schedule a workshop or email gabbiemilch@aol.com.


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