SpayNSave offers affordable spay/neuter services

Over a million animals put down last year. We must neuter our pets!!!

SpayNSave  offers affordable spay/neuter services to the Central Florida community at large. 988 N. Ronald Reagan Blvd in Longwood and the number is 407-920-4894.

We have two wonderful vets on staff and have a brand-new, state of the art facility ready to serve the Central Florida area.  The more cats and dogs we can fix the less will wind up in shelters, many to be euthanized before they ever have a chance at life. SpayNSave at 407-920-4894 for appointments, traps, etc.  If they need assistance with trapping they can call 407-719-4479


You may have seen our signs at the stores and businesses around town.  We have traps to help catch the ferals and can assist those who need help.  The service is absolutely free and includes rabies and distemper vaccines as well.  We don’t remove the cats – just fix them and put them back where they were trapped and let whoever was feeding them carry on.


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